Data Management Plan Guidance

The purpose of a Data Management Plan (DMP) is to address the management of data from Earth science missions, from the time of their data collection/observation, to their entry into permanent archives.

The NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 7120.8 document states the requirement for a data management plan. Consistent with this requirement, for each of the Earth science missions, NASA Earth Science Division (ESD) requires the responsible projects to develop a DMP as stated in the Level 1 Requirement below:

“All terms and conditions of the transfer of data products and associated information to the NASA Earth Science Division (ESD)-­assigned data center shall be documented in a Data Management Plan that has been approved by the Earth Science Data and Information System Project.”

The purpose of the following document is to provide guidelines for the DMP, to make the assembly of DMPs easier for the projects, and to ensure that DMPs will be in a consistent and useful format. The outline of this document is the recommended outline for all DMPs.