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Ocean Motion

Ocean Motion offers a review of the surface circulation of Earth's ocean and classroom investigations appropriate for various disciplines at the high school level.


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Inspiring Another Generation of Explorers is an interactive project conducted through a partnership of NASA Oceanography, NOAA's Office of Exploration and National Ocean Services. OceanAGE features profiles of a variety of oceanography careers. Each profile has a video component. In addition, interactive events are scheduled with the oceanographer to provide a forum for students to explore their own questions about career paths and decisions.

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Altas of the Ocean,

published by the National Geographic Society, features NASA satellite images of our planet's oceans. The Atlas contains a chapter on each ocean and a sidebar written by a noted oceanographer. To accompany the Altas, NASA Oceanography, The National Geographic Society and NOAA created a Teacher's Guide. The Guide has nine learning activities, complete with page references to the Atlas and classroom-ready handouts and worksheets. The guide, which has passed the SMD: Earth Science Education Product Review, is distributed on behalf of NASA by a private company, Enteracked, LLC.


Foundations of Phytoplankton

The Foundations of Phytoplankton

web site is a resource that was initially developed by NASA for students and instructors to utilize in their course work and materials, but has become a valuable resource for anyone wanting ocean color information relating to phytoplankton. The web site features a plethora of information relating to phytoplankton, including ocean ecology, food webs, satellite (phytoplankton blooms) to microscopic images of phytoplankton, and a myriad of oceanography topics paralleling the research of the ocean color program at NASA.


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Visit to an Ocean Planet

is an interactive, educational CD-ROM that reveals the importance of our oceans to global climate and life. It allows users to explore the Gulf of Mexico with satellite data, investigate the 1997-98 El Niño, discover "what's up" with Earth-orbiting satellites, and learn about the research activities of real life oceanographers. This product has passed the SMD: Earth Science Education Product Review, and the curriculum background materials are arranged in the context of widely accepted teaching themes. The CD-ROM also highlights results from the TOPEX/Poseidon satellite launched by NASA and CNES, which has been measuring our oceans since 1992.

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Ocean Literacy

is the project website of a group of ocean science and marine educators working to create a more ocean-literate public. The group has been focused primarily on ways to infuse ocean-related content into the classroom to support teaching requirements according to national standards. The site is sponsored by NASA Oceanography.

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Mission Sites

The Living Ocean - Ocean Color provides a teacher's guide and activities about studying Ocean Color from space. Activities are geared for grades 9-10. Content covers Life in the Oceans, Phytoplankton, Carbon and the Earth's giant greenhouse. This website has passed the SMD: Earth Science Education Product Review. Learn more about the Living Ocean.

Ocean Surface Topography from Space features a collection of games, puzzles and activities for kids, altimeter basics, Adobe Acrobat files for posters & brochures, classroom activities and more. Visit the Ocean Surface Topography site


Videos, CD's, Books, Posters, and other NASA materials

NASA Oceanography Videos - Enter keyword, "ocean"
Measuring Ocean Winds from Space - Video and CDs
Teaching From Space Video Archive
Online Physical Oceanography Book
- Developed and maintained by the Jason Education Project at Texas A&M University with support from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; passed the SMD: Earth Science Education Product Review