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Giovanni - Chlorophyll in Gulf of Panama

Graph: Chlorophyll in the Gulf of Panama - Giovanni created this latitude versus time graph for the Gulf of Panama. The seasonal pattern of higher chlorophyll concentrations and more plankton in winter is shown clearly. In the winter of 1997-1998, the strong El Niño event reduced phytoplankton productivity in the Gulf of Panama. In the summer of 2001, before the developing El Niño, an unusually higher concentration of chlorophyll was observed. Credit: NASA

Giovanni: Earth Data Visualization Tool is a NASA Internet-based tool that allows high school and college students and researchers to access and analyze satellite-derived ocean color data. Giovanni stands for the "Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) Online Visualization and Analysis Infrastructure."
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OceanAGE, Inspiring Another Generation of Explorers is an interactive project conducted through a partnership of NASA Oceanography, NOAA's Office of Exploration and National Ocean Services. OceanAGE features profiles of a variety of oceanography careers. Each profile has a video component. In addition, interactive events are scheduled with the oceanographer, to provide a forum for students to ask questions about career paths and decisions.
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Ocean Motion offers a review of the surface circulation of Earth's ocean and classroom investigations appropriate for various disciplines at the high school level.
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