GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper employed in Ethiopia Malaria Control Project

Dr. Russanne Low, science lead for GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper, conducted two online sessions (March 24 and April 2) as part of the Malaria Vector Surveillance Workshop, led by the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative VectorLink Ethiopia Project. 50 Ethiopian mosquito health professionals completed the virtual training, offered as part of two 8-day workshops held in Addis Ababa. The Mosquito Habitat Mapper and Land Cover tools in the GLOBE Observer app provide the capability for the professionals to collect and archive field data necessary to conduct surveillance identifying Anopheles stephensi, a new invasive malaria vector in Africa. This mosquito distinguishes itself from other malaria vectors because it is the first one identified in Africa that uses manufactured containers as breeding sites. As a result, new mosquito surveillance and mitigation strategies are needed by public health units, and GLOBE Observer is one tool being employed. NSF-funded research collaborators from University of South Florida (NSF Grant #2014547) are providing 200 clip-on microscopes for use with the Mosquito Habitat Mapper data collection to workshop participants.

Screenshot of title slide displaying GLOBE Observer mobile app, mosquito, and title of tutorial: "Mosquito Larval Habitat Surveillance and Mitigation using GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper".