Data Programs

Modeling Heliophysical Systems

Heliophysics Data Environment (HPDE)

The Heliophysics Data Environment, or HPDE, is a collective set of all heliophysics data and related documentation, tools, and services. It provides easy access to high-quality, well-documented heliophysics data, past and present, to enable a wide range of scientific research. The HPDE seeks to unite heliophysics observatories into a "Virtual Heliophysics System Observatory." The datasets are increasingly integrated with physical models that will ultimately provide the predictive capabilities needed for forecasting space weather. The above link provides an overview of the HPDE; also see the Heliophysics Science Data Management Policy that provides the framework for it.

Modeling Heliophysical Systems

Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC)

The Community Coordinated Modeling Center, or CCMC, is a multi-agency partnership to enable, support, and perform the research and development for next-generation space science and space weather models. It offers access to modern space research models through an automated request system for model runs; modern, online, visualization and analysis tools; or standard data formats for simulation data downloads.

General Data Access Portals

Heliophysics Data Portal

The Heliophysics Data Portal, or HDP, is the equivalent of a card catalogue for a comprehensive set of heliophysics data products. Users can search for datasets using any combination of time, observatory, measurement type, general location, and other parameters, as well as free-text keywords (Google-like). Once found, the data in question can often be plotted or retrieved directly, and if not, ftp and more capable services are provided for data access. Easily view spacecraft orbits, find articles, or check the latest space weather.

Virtual Solar Observatory

The Virtual Solar Observatory, or VSO, provides access to data from a comprehensive set of solar missions through simple interfaces that search by time, data product, product nicknames (e.g., "H-alpha"), and other parameters. It then delivers data files, typically in FITS format, that can then be viewed in numerous applications and analyzed using the SolarSoft or other routines.

Heliophysics Data Centers

Space Physics Data Facility

The Space Physics Data Facility, or SPDF, provides plot, download, and direct application access to a large collection of space physics datasets. Data from different sets may be plotted together, and output datasets may be created that include only desired variables and for an arbitrary desired time range. Services include orbit graphing and 3-D visualization, access to the popular OMNI dataset of 1 AU solar wind data and related solar and ground-based indices.

Solar Data Analysis Center

The Solar Data Analysis Center, or SDAC, serves as host to many datasets and as resource for finding many others. It also provides links to a variety of very helpful tools, such as the Solar Monitor and SolarSoft Latest Events.

Data Access and Guides to Subfields

There are a number of sites that provide information about and access to heliophysics data, but from particular perspectives. A guide to these and to other sources of heliophysics data worldwide can be found here. More information on specific "Virtual Observatories" can be found by clicking below.