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Cool Ways of Studying the Cryosphere Poster

Cool Ways of Studying the Cryosphere

Earth, Ice Sep 7, 2018
NASA missions are helping scientists study the cryosphere - the many forms of ice found on Earth.
Map illustrating the flow of Antarctic ice

New Study Brings Antarctic Ice Loss Into Sharper Focus

Earth, Climate Change, Ice Feb 21, 2018
A NASA study based on an innovative technique for crunching torrents of satellite data provides the clearest picture yet of changes in Antarctic ic
An ice glacier.

NASA’s Longest Running Survey of Ice Shattered Records in 2017

Earth, Climate Change, Ice Feb 16, 2018
Last year was a record-breaking one for Operation IceBridge, NASA’s aerial survey of the state of polar ice.
Greenland's Thinning Ice Poster

Greenland's Thinning Ice

Earth, Climate Change, Ice Jun 8, 2017
NASA's OMG and Operation IceBridge missions are investigating the thinning of Greenland's ice sheets from both above and below.