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NASA Hosts Science Chat on Upcoming Historic Planetary Encounter

Solar System Sep 17, 2018
Members of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft team will host a Science Chat at 1 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Sept. 19, on humanity’s farthest planetary flyby, scheduled to occur Jan. 1 when the spacecraft...
What's Up September 2018

What's Up in the Solar System - September 2018

Solar System Sep 4, 2018
What's Up for September? Set your sights beyond the solar system, and take a late summertime road-trip along the Milky Way.

NASA Invites Media to Cover InSight Mars Landing Activities at Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Solar System Aug 22, 2018
Media are invited to apply for credentials to cover activities at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the landing of the agency’s Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and...
What's Up August 2018

What's Up in the Solar System - August 2018

Solar System Aug 1, 2018
Dark moonless nights for the summer Perseid Meteor Shower!
Photo of HEEET model arojet testing

Heatshield for Extreme Entry Environment Technology Nears Maturity

Solar System Jul 30, 2018
Over the past four years, NASA’s Heatshield for Extreme Entry Environment Technology (HEEET) Project has been maturing a novel, three-dimensional, woven Thermal Protection System (TPS) technology...
Image of sound waves

Listen: Sound of Electromagnetic Energy Moving Between Saturn, Enceladus

Solar System Jul 11, 2018
New research from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft’s up-close Grand Finale orbits shows a surprisingly powerful and dynamic interaction of plasma waves mo
What's Up July 2018

What's Up in the Solar System - July 2018

July's night skies feature Mars opposition on the 27th, when Mars, Earth, and the Sun all line up, and Mars' closest approach to Earth since 2003 o
The International Asteroid Hunt Poster

The International Asteroid Hunt

Solar System Jun 30, 2018
A coordinated effort is being made by many nations around the world to detect and track near-Earth objects, such as asteroids.
New InSight into the Red Planet Poster

New InSight into the Red Planet

Solar System, Mars Jun 21, 2018
We’ve always referred to Mars as the red planet because of its surface color. But what’s below that dusty crust? NASA's InSight mission is determined to find out.

NASA to Host Media Teleconference on National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Report

Solar System Jun 19, 2018
NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EDT Wednesday, June 20, to discuss a new report detailing U.S. plans for near-Earth objects (NEOs) that could pose a hazard to Earth.