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Data visualization of 2016 global temperatures
Jan 18, 2017

Editor's note: The media telecon on global temperatures will be carried at 11 a.m. on www.nasa.gov/live. Graphics for telecon: NASA-...

New Horizons in the Kuiper Belt
Solar System
Jan 17, 2017

Artist's conception of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft encountering a Kuiper Belt object, part of an extended mission after the spacecraft...

Illustration of a rectangular satellite in orbit
Jan 13, 2017
The GEO-CAPE ROIC In- Flight Performance Experiment (GRIFEX) CubeSat was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on Saturday, January 31, 2015, as... Read More
Planet Earth as seen from space
Jan 13, 2017

Climate experts from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will provide the annually-scheduled release of data on...

NASA field research campaigns
Jan 12, 2017

Three new NASA field research campaigns get underway around the world this year and nine continue fieldwork to give scientists a deeper...

Testing of HEEET material at the NASA Ames Arc Jet Complex in the Interaction Heating Facility.
Planets of Our Solar System
Jan 5, 2017
Technology Development: When the Galileo mission’s probe entered the Jovian atmosphere in December 1995, it experienced temperatures twice as hot as... Read More
Artist’s conception of the Lucy and Psyche mission spacecraft
Solar System
Jan 4, 2017

(Left) An artist’s conception of the Lucy spacecraft flying by the Trojan Eurybates – one of the six diverse and scientifically important...

NASA Selects Mission to Study Black Holes, Cosmic X-ray Mysteries
Jan 3, 2017

NASA has selected a science mission that will allow astronomers to explore, for the first time, the hidden details of some of the most extreme and...

New Year's Fireworks Poster 1
Solar System, Sky Watching, Meteor Showers
Dec 30, 2016
Earth will pass through a stream of debris from comet 2003 EH1 on January 3, 2017, producing a shower of meteors known as the Quadrantids. Read... Read More
Dennis Andrucyk
Dec 21, 2016
Dennis Andrucyk has been selected as deputy associate administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) in Washington, effective Jan. 17... Read More