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Making Space for Technology Development Poster

Making Space for Technology Development

ISS Dec 6, 2019
The International Space Station provides the only microgravity environment in which we can test technologies critical to our deep-space exploration in the near and far-term future.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Mission Explains Bennu’s Mysterious Particle Events

Solar System Dec 5, 2019
The discovery of particle plumes erupting from Bennu's surface was a surprise,indicating that the returned asteroid sample may unlock answers to unexpected questions.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Sheds New Light on the Sun

Sun Dec 4, 2019
Since its 2018 launch, NASA's Parker Solar Probe (record-holder for closest-ever spacecraft to the Sun) has finished three of 24 planned passes through never-before-explored parts of the Sun's...

First NASA Parker Solar Probe Results Reveal Surprising Details About Our Sun

Sun Dec 4, 2019
The Sun is revealing itself in dramatic detail and shedding light on how other stars may form and behave throughout the universe – all thanks to NASA's Parker Solar Probe.
Photo of Gigi Pavur talking to a man

Gigi Pavur Named an AGU Grand Prize Winner for Mapping Landslide Risk in Central America

Earth Dec 3, 2019
Gigi Pavur, a 2019 DEVELOP participant and former NASA Headquarters intern, is one of eight grand prize winners of the 2019 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Data Visualization and Storytelling...

Black Hole or Newborn Stars? SOFIA Finds Galactic Puzzle

Universe Nov 29, 2019
Scientists on SOFIA found a black hole that seems to be changing its galactic surroundings in a way that is usually associated with newborn stars.

Global Storms on Mars Launch Dust Towers Into the Sky

Solar System Nov 26, 2019
Newly documented behavior seen during global dust storms on the Red Planet may play a role in how the planet's water escapes into space.
Effects of the Solar Wind Poster

Effects of the Solar Wind

The continuously expanding solar wind begins in our Sun and doesn’t stop until after it reaches the edge of the heliosphere.

NASA Rockets Study Why Tech Goes Haywire Near Poles

Sun Nov 22, 2019
A magnetic weak point near the North Pole allows space particles to slip inside our atmosphere, with strange results. Beginning November 25, three NASA-funded rockets will launch through the weak...