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Why NASA Watches Airglow, the Colors of the (Upper Atmospheric) Wind

Sun Oct 22, 2018
If you peer down on Earth from just 300 miles above the surface, you can see vibrant swaths of red and green or purple and yellow light emanating from the upper atmosphere. This light is airglow.

Counting Down to ICON's Launch

Sun Oct 16, 2018
NASA's Ionospheric Connection Explorer launches in October 2018 to study Earth's interface to space. Here are 10 key things to know about the mission.
Illustration of Van Allen Radiation Belts surrounding earth

Exciting Chirping Whistler Waves: From the Laboratory to Space

Oct 16, 2018
Chorus waves are a class of frequency-chirping, whistler-mode plasma waves that are routinely observed in Earth’s near-space environment. Chorus waves play a key role in various physical processes...

Magnetic Fields May Be the Key to Black Hole Activity

Universe Oct 16, 2018
Researchers using NASA’s SOFIA airborne telescope have found that magnetic fields are trapping the material that feeds the supermassive black hole in the galaxy Cygnus A.
What's Up in the Solar System

What's Up in the Solar System - October 2018

Solar System Oct 9, 2018
What's Up for October? International Observe the Moon Night!
Sweating Can Be Cool Poster

Sweating Can Be Cool

Earth, ISS Oct 5, 2018
NASA's ECOSTRESS mission is studying how plants sweat, providing detailed measurements of plant temperatures from space.
Photo of children receiving an alert

Space Challenge in East Africa Inspires Students

Earth Oct 5, 2018
Since the beginning of the space era, world leaders have expressed how space symbolizes common aspirations and dreams of humanity.
Reach For It Poster

Reach For It

Oct 2, 2018
During the Year of Education on Station, NASA astronauts Joe Acaba and Ricky Arnold have shared their love of STEM and their passion for teaching.
Thinking Inside the Box Poster

Thinking Inside the Box

ISS Sep 26, 2018
Gloveboxes on the ISS allow for experiments on materials that you wouldn't want escaping into the station's enclosed space.

Solar Wind and Corona Timeline

Sun Sep 25, 2018
Here are some of the key discoveries and ideas that led to our current understanding of the corona and the solar wind, leading up to the newest spacecraft in NASA’s Heliophysics fleet.