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When Exoplanets Collide

Universe Oct 22, 2019
Scientists thought they found clues pointing to a collision between two exoplanets ten years ago. Now they found more evidence of a catastrophic collision.
Photo of Dalia Kirschbaum

NASA-Rio de Janeiro Partnership for disaster modeling, crisis response and city management

Earth Oct 21, 2019
NASA-Rio de Janeiro Partnership: Working together to connect the use of Earth observation to the urban scale for disaster modeling, crisis response and city management

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Clears Critical Sunshield Deployment Testing

Universe Oct 21, 2019
Webb passed a critical test when technicians and engineers fully deployed and tensioned each of the sunshield's five layers, successfully putting the sunshield into the same position it will be in a...

2019 Ozone Hole is the Smallest on Record Since Its Discovery

Earth Oct 21, 2019
Abnormal weather patterns in the upper atmosphere over Antarctica dramatically limited ozone depletion in September and October, resulting in the smallest ozone hole observed since 1982, NASA and...

Mars InSight's 'Mole' Is Moving Again

Solar System Oct 17, 2019
The NASA lander's robotic arm seems to have helped its heat probe burrow almost 2 centimeters (3/4 of an inch) since last week.

Ten Highlights From NASA’s Van Allen Probes Mission

Sun Oct 17, 2019
After seven years of operations, and upon finally running out of propellant, the second of the twin Van Allen Probes spacecraft will be shut down on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019.

Hubble Observes 1st Confirmed Interstellar Comet

Universe Oct 16, 2019
Hubble has given astronomers their best look yet at an interstellar visitor — comet 2I/Borisov — whose speed and trajectory indicate it has come from beyond our solar system. Comet 2I/Borisov is...

NASA Spacecraft Launches on Mission to Explore Frontier of Space

Sun Oct 10, 2019
After successfully launching Thursday night, NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) spacecraft is in orbit for a first-of-its-kind mission to study a region of space where changes can...

Milky Way Raids Intergalactic 'Bank Accounts,' Hubble Study Finds

Universe Oct 10, 2019
Gas blown out of the Milky Way disk from exploding stars falls back onto the galaxy to form new generations of stars. In an effort to account for this recycling process, astronomers were surprised to...

Pressure Runs High at Edge of Solar System

Sun Oct 8, 2019
Out at the boundary of our solar system, pressure runs high. This pressure, the force plasma, magnetic fields and particles like ions, cosmic rays and electrons exert on one another when they flow...