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NASA Scientists Find Sun’s History Buried in Moon’s Crust

Sun Jun 17, 2019
Scientists are realizing that the Moon contains clues to the ancient mysteries of the Sun, which are crucial to understanding the development of life.

Seeing an Aurora From the Space Station

Sun Jun 13, 2019
"Years ago at the South Pole, I looked up to the aurora for inspiration through the 6-month winter night." Aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Christina Koch snapped this image of...
Cementing Our Place in Space Poster

Cementing Our Place in Space

ISS Jun 11, 2019
Experiments have taken place aboard the International Space Station to study cement based concrete in microgravity.
Photo of John Bolten standing in front of a large monitor displaying Earth science data.

John D. Bolten Awarded for Advancing in Food and Water Security Applications

Earth Jun 11, 2019
Creating novel high-impact applications of satellite-based observations for improving the monitoring and management of water and food worldwide has

NASA’s SET Mission to Study Satellite Protection Is Ready for Launch

Sun Jun 10, 2019
NASA’s Space Environment Testbeds, or SET, will launch on its mission to study how to better protect satellites in space. SET studies space radiation and how it affects spacecraft and electronics...

How NASA Prepares Spacecraft for the Harsh Radiation of Space

Sun Jun 10, 2019
Each part of every NASA instrument destined for spaceflight goes through radiation testing to ensure it can survive in the harsh radiation of space.

NASA Prepares to Launch Twin Satellites to Study Signal Disruption From Space

Sun Jun 10, 2019
NASA is set to launch a pair of tiny satellites that will help scientists understand how signals from satellites — like radio and GPS — are distorted by Earth's upper atmosphere.
Photo of Clarrisa Anderson

Answering the Call of the Ocean

Earth Jun 7, 2019
Clarissa Anderson, Executive Director at Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS), is fascinated with algae.
Photo of SoilSCAPE base station in a field in Alaska

Wireless Networks Gather Soil Moisture Data in the Arctic

Earth Jun 5, 2019
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