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Enjoying the Geminids From Above and Below Poster

Enjoying the Geminids From Above and Below

The Geminids meteor shower will be viewed from above by the Meteor camera on the International Space Station, as well as from below by sky watchers on Earth.

Preparing for Discovery With NASA's Parker Solar Probe

Sun Dec 12, 2018
On Dec. 12, four researchers gathered at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union to share what they hope to learn from Parker Solar Probe.
You Light Up Our Night Poster

You Light Up Our Night

Solar System, Sky Watching Dec 12, 2018
People around the world have the opportunity to participate in the study of comet 46P/Wirtanen as it has a close approach with Earth in December of 2018
Photo of Riccardo Giacconi

Remembering Riccardo Giacconi, X-Ray Astronomy Pioneer

Universe Dec 11, 2018
NASA is saddened to note the passing of Riccardo Giacconi, who had a long and illustrious career with the agency.

NASA’s Newly Arrived OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Already Discovers Water on Asteroid

Universe Dec 10, 2018
Recently analyzed data from NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission has revealed water locked inside the clays that make up...

NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space

Sun Dec 10, 2018
For the second time in history, a human-made object has reached the space between the stars. NASA’s Voyager 2 probe now has exited the heliosphere – the protective bubble of particles and...
Dr. Roy Maizel

NASA’s Roy Maizel Announces Retirement

Dec 7, 2018
Roy Maizel, the Science Mission Directorate’s Deputy Associate Administrator for Management since 2007, has announced he will retire from the Agency in April 2019 after a 37-year career with NASA.
What's Up in the Solar System

What's Up in the Solar System - December 2018

Solar System Dec 7, 2018
December brings the Geminids, a visible comet, and a fond farewell.
SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launches to the International Space Station at 1:16 p.m. EST Dec. 5, 2018

NASA Sends New Research, Hardware to Space Station on SpaceX Mission

Earth Dec 6, 2018
GEDI will provide the first high-resolution observations of forest vertical structure at a global scale.

NASA and Partner Announce Finalists in the 2019 Mars Ice Challenge

Solar System Dec 4, 2018
NASA and Partner Announce Finalists in the 2019 Mars Ice Challenge