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NASA’s Hubble Finds Water Vapor on Habitable-Zone Exoplanet for 1st Time

Universe Sep 11, 2019
With data from the Hubble Space Telescope, water vapor has been detected in the atmosphere of a super-Earth with habitable temperatures.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Has Been Assembled for the First Time

Universe Aug 28, 2019
Reaching a major milestone, engineers have successfully connected the two halves of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope for the first time at Northrop Grumman’s facilities in Redondo Beach,...
Scientists in lab inspecting a sensor plate

Cross Strip Photon Counting Sensors - Pathway to Very Large Detectors for Ultraviolet Astronomy

Universe, Exoplanets Aug 27, 2019
Future-generation large space telescopes under study at NASA will require very large, high-resolution, high-sensitivity, low-noise sensors capable of measuring ultraviolet through visible...

NASA Gets a Rare Look at a Rocky Exoplanet's Surface

Universe Aug 19, 2019
With a tight orbit around its parent star, the planet most likely has no atmosphere and is covered in volcanic rock, according to data from NASA's Spitzer telescope.
Did Amino Acids Stabilize Prebiotic Membranes?

The Origin of Life Puzzle

Universe Aug 15, 2019
Researchers supported in part by the Exobiology Program element of the NASA Astrobiology Program have recently featured in an article from The Atlantic. Their work focuses on the self...

Moon Glows Brighter Than Sun in Images From NASA's Fermi

Universe Aug 15, 2019
If our eyes could see gamma rays, the Moon would appear brighter than the Sun! That's how NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has seen our neighbor in space for the past decade. These gamma-ray...
Shedding Light on Black Holes Poster

Shedding Light on Black Holes

Universe Aug 13, 2019
"Black Holes" is one of the most highly searched terms about our universe. How much of what we think we know about black holes is actually true?

Cloaked Black Hole Discovered in Early Universe Using NASA’s Chandra

Universe Aug 8, 2019
Astronomers have discovered evidence for the farthest "cloaked" black hole found to date, using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Hubble Uncovers a ‘Heavy Metal’ Exoplanet Shaped Like a Football

Universe Aug 1, 2019
How can an exoplanet be "hotter than hot?" The answer is when chemical elements heavier than hydrogen and helium are detected escaping from the planet's atmosphere instead of condensing into...

Confirmation of Toasty TESS Planet Leads to Surprising Find of Promising World

Universe Jul 31, 2019
A piping hot planet discovered by NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has pointed the way to additional worlds orbiting the same star, one of which is located in the star’s...