NASA Science Subject Matter Expert Application Form

NASA Science Subject Matter Expert Application Form

NASA Science Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are scientists, engineers, and others who are experts in topical areas within the main science divisions of astrophysics, Earth Science, heliophysics, and planetary science. 

Using this form, you can join us in our efforts to engage the public for various science engagement opportunities by volunteering as a SME!  When you sign up, your information will be put into a database, including a map, so when someone comes to the NASA Science website looking for an expert, he or she can find you and decide if your expertise is what they need for their engagement activities.  

How this works:
By volunteering your expertise, you are offering your knowledge and willingness to event coordinators that need experts to inform their science activities. An event coordinator may contact you and request that you be a SME for their event. You may also be contacted by non-NASA entities such as schools, community groups, etc.

What you can expect at an event:
Each event will be different. Your role at the event will be defined by you and the event coordinator, but at a minimum you should expect to answer a variety of questions from the public. As a NASA Science-approved expert, it is important that all answers are guided by proper sources including peer-reviewed science journals, NASA websites, etc. 

You and the event coordinator should be aware that being a SME for an event does not mean that you are a NASA representative. Any opinions you share as a SME are not necessarily the opinions of NASA.

All negotiations involving compensation, travel, lodging, dates, etc. will be between the event coordinator and you. We are acting solely as the catalyst and handshake between events and subject matter experts. Please stay in contact with and direct all questions about the event to your event coordinator.

We appreciate your providing proper captions and credits when using maps, infographics, images or videos that were created by NASA and otherwise.

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