This map shows subject matter experts in NASA Science topics of planetary science, astrophysics, Earth science, and heliophysics. Experts can submit an application to be shown on this map. By volunteering, you can join us in our efforts to engage the public for various science engagement opportunities. When you sign up, your information will be put into a database, including this map, so when someone comes to the NASA Science website looking for an expert, he or she can find you and decide if your expertise is what they need for their engagement activities.

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Subject Matter Experts

92 result(s)

Parvathy Prem, PhD

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

Area of Expertise: Water on the Moon/Mercury, lunar remote sensing (I'm a member of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter science team), career path.

Fabia Ursula Battistuzzi

Oakland University

Area of Expertise: Evolution of early life, genomics, microbial phylogenetics, astrobiology

Ryan Anderson

USGS Astrogeology

Area of Expertise: Planetary scientist, spectroscopy, chenometrics, Mars rovers, multivariate regression, science communication, science careers, etc

Dr. Kathleen E. Mandt

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL)

Area of Expertise: Planetary Scientist and Chief Scientist for Exoplanets

Serina Diniega


Area of Expertise: Scientist and Systems Engineer (e.g., mission development, program strategy)

Jennifer Buz

Northern Arizona University

Area of Expertise: Remote sensing, spectroscopy, high-resolution imaging, thermophysical modeling

Corey Jonathan Cochrane


Area of Expertise: Magnetometry, Planetary Science

Christine Shupla

Lunar and Planetary Institute

Area of Expertise: Education and Public Engagement

Caleb Fassett

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Area of Expertise: Planetary surfaces (especially Moon, Mars, Mercury)

Susan Sakimoto

Space Science Institute

Area of Expertise: Planetary Volcanology, Computational Fluid dynamics