NASA Wavelength Resources Collection

NASA Wavelength is a collection of resources that incorporate NASA content and have been subject to peer review. You can search this collection using key words and/or the drop down menus to pinpoint resources to use with your audience of learners.
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Curiosity Rover’s Adventure on Mars

Using a 4' vinyl map of Mars, participants code a programmable toy vehicle to travel to designated waypoints.

Rover Coder

In this app, users will command a NASA rover to get to various targets on Mars. Programming commands are provided; the number of commands will increase with each advanced level. A second version is included which allows the user to draw on the Martian surface. Requires Android 5.0 and up.

The Heat is On: Urban Heat Islands, detection strategies, and mitigation solutions

Wetlands: Unit Plan

Real World: The Carbon Cycle–Essential for Life on Earth

NASA eClips Real World: Earth's Energy Balance–Energy In and Energy Out

Can You See the Flag on the Moon? Handout

Worlds Apart: Engineering Remote Sensing Devices

Moon Poster Set

The three individual posters in this set contain both grap

The Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon

This interactive website engages children in a story-based scenario that emphasizes concepts of remote sensing and how NASA scientists use satellite imagery to better understand the Earth's environmental changes. The story features a pigeon named Amelia and is set in New York City.