NASA Wavelength Resources Collection

NASA Wavelength is a collection of resources that incorporate NASA content and have been subject to peer review. You can search this collection using key words and/or the drop down menus to pinpoint resources to use with your audience of learners.
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Moon Stories from Around the World

Exploring Moon Phases Cards

Can You See the Flag on the Moon? Handout

Apollo Missions to the Lunar Surface Infographic

Chandra 20th Related Products

Worlds Apart: Engineering Remote Sensing Devices

NASA eClips 4D Guide Lites: Objects at Rest Spotlite Interactive Lesson

Moon Poster Set

The three individual posters in this set contain both grap

Cloudy vs. Clear

In this activity, students will examine line plots of NASA data and see that the sun heats up land, air, and water. Students will practice drawing conclusions based on graphed data of cloudy vs. clear sky observations.

MRC: Overview of the Solar System (Grades 3-5)

This is a lesson about the size and scale of planets in the solar system. Learners will kinesthetically model the order of the planets outward from the sun. Then they will use a string and beads to create a model to represent the relative distances between the planets.