Nasa Wavelength

Space Place: Weather Word Cross

Players complete five crossword puzzles related to weather. The puzzles are targeted to children ages 10-12.

Chandra 101: Overview for Teachers and Students

This website provides basic information about x-rays and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

This article describes key aspects of the nature of science by comparing the reactions to a sensational story between scientists and non-scientists.

A Quick Trip to Mars

Using Google Earth/Mars and the recommended reading, students will compare and contrast Earth and Mars using graphic organizers. Includes background, separate student pages, and extensions.

Cosmic Times

This series of curriculum support materials explores how our understanding of the nature of the universe has changed during the past 100 years.

Number Theory and Fractions

This is a set of one-page problems about the sizes of moons in the solar system. Learners will use fractions to compare the sizes and distances of Jupiter's moons.

Studying Ocean Plankton from Space

In this problem set, learners will use an image of satellite-acquired ocean color data to answer a series of questions about the concentration of phytoplankton in certain areas. Answer key is provided. this is part of Earth Math: A Brief Mathematical Guide to Earth Science and Climate Change.

Camilla Space Weather Project Forecast

This is an activity about forecasting space weather.

SciJinks: Become a Weather Wizard

This lesson originally appeared in "The Technology Teacher" and introduces common weather concepts and terminology. Students learn about weather map symbols and are invited to show real weather scenarios by drawing symbols on a map.

Hurricanes and Hot Towers with TRMM

In this lesson, students will think about their experiences with hurricanes and severe storms, and then learn the basics of what causes hurricanes to form.