Nasa Wavelength

Space Place: What is the Secret Code Used by the Voyager Spacecraft?

Learners will explore the binary and hexidecimal systems and how engineers use them to translate spacecraft data into images.

A Simple Magnetometer

This is an activity about the effect of solar storm events on Earth's magnetic field.

Designing an Open Spectrograph

Learners will build an open spectrograph to calculate the angle the light is transmitted through a holographic diffraction grating. After finding the desired angles, the students will design their own spectrograph using the information learned.

Liquid Rainbow

This is a hands-on lab activity about seawater density. After developing a hypothesis, learners will conduct a simple investigation of density. They will discuss changes in density observed and describe how salt affects the density of water.

The Cosmic Distance Scale

This resource gives an impression of how immense our Universe is by employing a method used many times in "Power of 10" films - that is, starting with an image of the Earth and then zooming out towards the furthest visible reaches of our Universe.

Accommodating Middle School Students with Dyslexia in Science

This educator's guide assists teachers of middle school students with dyslexia by providing descriptions of reading accommodations that are also mapped to the GEMS Space Science Sequence for Grades 6-8 (GEMS SSS) curriculum materials.

Discovering the Milky Way

In this lesson, students read the original paper written by Henrietta Leavitt in which she compared the apparent brightness and period of Cepheid variable stars. The students prepare graphs from numerical data, just as she did, and compare their data to hers.

Field Trip, Predatory Bird Research Group

This textbook chapter tells the story of DDT and the the near-extinction of the Perigrine Falcon. The role of the Rachel Carson's best-seller, Silent Spring, and the role of research in the recent recovery of bird populations in the United States are highlighted.

How Now, Pythagoras?

In this example, a carpenter uses the Pythagorean theorem to make sure the corners of his cabinets are square.

Star Witness News: Hubble's Panoramic View of a Turbulent Star-Forming Region

This story highlights one of the brightest, nearby star-forming regions and the home to the most massive stars in our cosmic neighborhood. With this release, Hubble is celebrating its 22nd anniversary.