Nasa Wavelength

Soil and my Backyard

In this laboratory activity, students analyze soil samples from their homes to identify soil properties and learn about soil classification. Soils sampled by students from different environments are compared, and students ask questions about the difference they observe.

Solar Week Wednesday: The Effect on Earth

This is a short online reading associated with activities during Solar Week, a twice-yearly event in March and October during which classrooms are able to interact with scientists studying the Sun.

Sharing New Knowledge

After researching information about the Sun, learners will discuss and share their expertise on related topics such as sunspots, the Earth's magnetosphere, and aurorae.

Moon's Long History: Impact Paintings

This is an activity about how scientists use craters to determine the ages of lunar surface. Learners work in pairs: one child keeps time while the other creates a painting for the other to interpret.

Cryospheric Connection to Understanding Climate Change

Through a series of interactive multimedia activities, animations, videos, and online lessons, students develop an understanding of permafrost and its connections to climate change.

The Carbon Cycle

This online lab exercise focuses on the processes involved in the Carbon cycle and the influences of human activity on those processes- especially as they relate to Earth's weather and climate.

Astro-Venture Biology Unit Conclusion: Summarizing Learning

This is the concluding lesson in the Astro-Venture Biology Unit.

Star Witness News: Frontier Fields - Hubble Goes Deep

This science news story highlights a new initiative by the Hubble Space Telescope to image distant galaxies. The program uses gravitational lenses to image galaxies that are otherwise too distant and faint for the telescope to image.

Sandboxes and Satellites

In this activity, students explore how maps and models are used to represent the landscape. Students will recreate their school grounds in a sandbox, clay, or a cardboard model. They will then photograph or videotape their model from above and from the sides.

Field Trip to the Moon: LRO/LCROSS Edition Informal Educator Guide

This is a series of five activities about geology on the moon.