Nasa Wavelength

MRC: Manual and Skit (Grades 6-8)

Learners will brainstorm ideas to be developed into a team skit, work cooperatively to assign duties and write a team skit, and collaborate with team members to complete the Mars Rover Manual.

Rainbow Analysis

Students are introduced to the scientific tool of spectroscopy. They each build a simple spectroscope to examine the light from different light sources, particularly the Sun (Warning: Do not look directly at the Sun) and artificial lights (e.g., fluorescent or sodium lamps).

Seeking Biodiveristy

This introductory textbook chapter presents data demonstrating decreased global biodiversity and its link to human activity. The resource includes a field-based student investigation of local biodiversity, links to current news articles, and an essay-based unit assessment.

Climate Kids: Gallery of Technology

This series of 9 captioned images depict green technologies that convert wind, sunlight and tides into electricity and also convert seawater to freshwater.

Climate Kids: A Bee Is More Than a Bug

In addition to instructions for making a model bee out of polymer clay, this site also contains related information about bees: a fact list, factors that threaten them, suggestions on how to help them, a waggle dance diagram and video, and even bee metaphors used in our language.

ClimateBits: UV Index

This brief (1:53) video describes the UV (Ultraviolet) index and presents a visual range of its monthly strength at Earth's surface. The factors that influence that range- the sun's angle, ozone thickness, clouds, air pollution, surface reflection, and land elevation- are presented.

HESSI Spacecraft Model

In this activity, learners work in teams to construct specific components of a model of the High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI) spacecraft. Afterwards, the teams make presentations on the results of their effort.

Eclipse Across America Flyer

Download and post this 8.5" X 11" English-Spanish flyer to help spread the word about the August 2017 total solar eclipse.

In the Fog About Smog: Solving the Smog Problem on Earth and from Space

This ChemMatters article provides a brief background on smog, then examines the causes of it, efforts to reduce it, and methods used to measure it. ChemMatters is an educational magazine for high school students.

The Magnetosphere

This is a lesson plan for an activity to introduce several terms scientists use to discuss Earth's magnetic field.