My NASA Data Facilitates Data Literacy of NASA Data with SUNY Pre-Service Teachers

This spring 2021 semester, My NASA Data's Elizabeth Joyner collaborated with SUNY Fredonia, the College of New Jersey, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, NASA GISS, and Dataspire to facilitate a learning progression for building data literacy with NASA Earth Data. Twenty-seven SUNY elementary education students participated in a series of classes to explore, analyze, and visualize Earth/environmental data starting with their own individually-collected environmental data. They then progressed to using NASA Earth data via My NASA Data’s Earth System Data Explorer. In this process, students took deep dives into data as they asked and answered big questions about the Earth system. Serving as mentors to the students, preservice teachers further developed their own data skills. The culminating event featured Dr. Brad Hegyi (LaRC) and Dr. Christian Braneon (GISS) in sharing their personal stories of working with data at NASA to better understand the Earth System.

"What I gained from the session with Dr. Hegyi was the importance of making connections. I experienced this with my own data, where I used my memory of a strange year to drive my research. When we make connections to our life we can use real data collected by NASA to support personal experiences. Students can see that there are real data sets to represent their world around them." -Amanda Silva

WordCloud capturing the students' reflections from their work with earth/environmental data.