N3 seminar at Stanford Neurodiversity Project

NASA' Neurodiversity Network (N3) was the subject of the monthly seminar organized by Stanford University's Network for K-12 Neurodiversity Education & Advocacy (NNEA). Sonoma State University physics major Alex Vasquez described his pathway as an autistic student who is now about to graduate from college and attend physics graduate school. He also described the various NASA programs with which he has been involved along his journey. SSU Professor and N3 PI Lynn Cominsky then described the N3 program, which was inspired by Alex's journey.

“One of the most important things, for me, has been the ability to focus on my strengths and interests not my challenges.” -Alex Vasquez


Alex Vasquez next to a computer screen on which the CAD model of SSU's EdgeCube satellite is displayed. Also shown is a model of EdgeCube.