NASA SEES Alumni Win National Google Hackathon

Former SEES Interns, Ethan McFarlin, Iris Xia, and Sean Yang, who were a part of the 2019 Emergency Preparedness Team, competed in the 2020 AWS Data Exchange Challenge. The main requirement of the challenge is to build (or update) a data-driven solution that tells a story by employing at least one of the categories using: 1) at least two AWS services, and 2) at least one of the 3rd-party data products from AWS Data Exchange providers.

Their project is titled “Access and Equity: Health Vulnerability Mapper COVID-19”, an interactive map-based web application that highlights the relationships between socioeconomic disparity and COVID-19 across the U.S. in an intuitive, real-time, & tangible medium.

Photos and brief bios of Ethan, Iris, and Sean.