National Space Science Data Center


The National Space Science Data Center serves as the permanent archive for NASA space science mission data. "Space science" means astronomy and astrophysics, solar and space plasma physics, and planetary and lunar science. As permanent archive, NSSDC teams with NASA's discipline-specific space science "active archives" which provide access to data to researchers and, in some cases, to the general public.

NSSDC also serves as NASA's permanent archive for space physics mission data. It provides access to several geophysical models and to data from some non-NASA mission data.

In addition to supporting active space physics and astrophysics researchers, NSSDC also supports the general public both via several public-interest web-based services (e.g., the Photo Gallery) and via the offline mailing of CD-ROMs, photoprints, and other items.

NSSDC provides on-line information bases about NASA and non-NASA data as well as spacecraft and experiments that generate NASA space science data. NSSDC also provides information and support relative to data management standards and technologies. More about NSSDC.

Data Available

Master Catalog of Spacecraft Query
This master catalog provides query form for spacecraft (mission) information by name, discipline category, and/or launch date. From that point, it is possible to retrieve information about experiments on the spacecraft and/or data sets available.

The NSSDC archives 56 different titles with over 1,200 unique volumes at this time.

Lunar and Planetary maps
Search through NSSDC's information data base for lunar and planetary maps of Mars and Mercury currently in stock at NSSDC.

NSSDC Planetary image archives
A Catalog of Spaceborne Imaging with over 500 images of planets, their rings, and comets.