Jul 6, 2020

Register for our Panel on Broadening Participation in Citizen Science

Citizen science projects have demonstrated promise for engaging new audiences in the practice of science. Sometimes this is accomplished by engaging new audiences in existing investigations, sometimes by developing new investigations based on questions arising from communities typically underrepresented in science. This panel will showcase projects that have made an effort to engage those underrepresented communities in their work, highlighting promising strategies for others to implement.

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Dr. Elena Sparrow
Research Professor and Director of Education and Outreach
International Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Dr. Laura Trouille
Vice President of Science Engagement and Visualization
Adler Planetarium
Co-PI, Zooniverse

Dr. Sacoby Wilson
Associate Professor of Applied Environmental Health
Director, Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Health Lab
University of Maryland School of Public Health

Dr. Jane Anderson
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies
New York University
Co-founder, Local Contexts