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Black and white image showing multiple meteors in the sky.
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Dec 8, 2017
The annual Geminid meteor shower has arrived. It's a good time to bundle up, go outside and let the universe blow your mind!
Solar System
Sep 8, 2017
This set of magnified, cropped images shows NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft (highlighted in red) as it approaches Earth for its Sept. 22 Earth Gravity Assist.
Magnified image of OSIRIS-REx spacecraft (circled) approaching Earth
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Aug 15, 2017
NASA’s Cassini mission will come to a spectacular close on September 15, 2017 at 5:07 a.m. PDT after almost two decades in space since its launch in 1997. The spacecraft has been orbiting Saturn and studying that system for 13 years. It’s now checking off items from a daring bucket list as it makes... Read More
Cassini's Grand Finale Poster
Solar System
Aug 1, 2017
A few NASA-funded astronomer teams are always on the hunt for potentially hazardous near-Earth objects, asteroids and comets whose orbits periodically bring them within 30 million miles of Earth’s orbit. At NASA, the Planetary Defense Coordination Office supports the search programs, while also... Read More
The Hunt for Asteroids Poster
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Aug 1, 2017
Humanity’s farthest and longest-lived spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2, achieve 40 years of operation and exploration this August and September. Despite their vast distance, they continue to communicate with NASA daily, still probing the final frontier.
Illustration of Voyager spacecraft
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Jul 13, 2017
Images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot reveal a tangle of dark, veinous clouds weaving their way through a massive crimson oval.
Solar System
May 8, 2017
"If you don't spend time thinking about the don't have that future." NASA Planetary Science Director Jim Green challenges us to think big at the Vision 2050 Conference in Washington, D.C.
Rocket exiting the clouds
Solar System, Sky Watching
Apr 21, 2017
Comets are some of the most interesting objects in the solar system. Water that filled the ancient oceans of Earth might have been delivered by comets. And there is growing evidence that many comets (as well as some primitive asteroids) contain molecules key to life. NASA has sent space probes to... Read More
Close Approach Comets Poster
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Apr 13, 2017
Earth. A world dominated by water. Trillions of gallons flow freely across the surface of our blue-green planet. While we once thought oceans made our planet unique, we’re now coming to realize that ‘ocean worlds’ are all around us.  
Ocean Worlds Poster
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Apr 5, 2017
Stop what you’re doing and mark your calendar: When: Sunset on April 7, 2017 to sunrise on April 8, 2017 What: Jupiter at opposition  
Solar System
Mar 23, 2017
NASA has selected ten studies under the Planetary Science Deep Space SmallSat Studies (PSDS3) program, to develop mission concepts using small satellites to investigate Venus, Earth’s moon, asteroids, Mars and the outer planets.
artist rendition of sun and planets in solar system
Solar System
Mar 9, 2017
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center lost four of its greatest minds in the past several months. Phil Sabelhaus, Marty Davis, Neil Gehrels and Piers Sellers made indelible contributions to space exploration during their decades of service to NASA. This video honors the legacies of these individuals... Read More
screenshot of video tribute to four scientists
Solar System, Sky Watching, Meteor Showers
Dec 30, 2016
2017 is beginning with fireworks. No, not those fireworks… We’re talking about a lightshow from shattered comet 2003 EH1.   According to the International Meteor Organization and other forecasters, Earth will pass through a stream of debris from the comet on January 3, 2017, producing a... Read More
New Year's Fireworks Poster 2
Solar System
Dec 7, 2016
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has sent to Earth its first views of Saturn’s atmosphere since beginning the latest phase of its mission.
view of outer edges of Saturn's main rings from NASA's Cassini spacecraft
Solar System, Sky Watching
Oct 14, 2016
Step outside on October 16, and take a look at the moon. Not only will the moon be full, but on that day, the moon will be at its closest point to our planet as it orbits Earth. This makes the October full moon a supermoon.
2016 Ends with Three Supermoons Poster 2