Oct 5, 2017

Amendment 37: Release of Earth Venture Suborbital-3 Program Element A.34 Draft Text for Community Comment.

Amendment 37 releases a DRAFT version of Earth Venture Suborbital-3 Program Element A.34 for Community Comment.

This EVS-3 program element will solicit proposals for suborbital science investigations that propose innovative, integrated, approaches to solving pressing Earth system science issues. For the purpose of this solicitation, a suborbital investigation is one that relies primarily – although not necessarily exclusively – on acquisition of new measurements from airborne, balloon-borne, and/or reusable manned suborbital platforms. Investigations which rely primarily on measurements obtained from surface-based instruments, sounding rockets, the International Space Station, or CubeSats will not be considered responsive. Investigations may propose acquisition of remote sensing and/or in situ observations from suborbital platform(s), and may also utilize additional measurements from surface and/or subsurface observing systems and from existing satellite missions.

All questions or comments on this draft program element should be emailed to by October 27, 2017.