Oct 19, 2017

Amendment 40: A.9 ECOSTRESS Not Solicited This Year

The ECOSTRESS instrument is a multispectral thermal radiometer with 5 spectral bands for research.

The ECOSTRESS science objectives are:

  1. Identify critical thresholds of water use and water stress in key climate sensitive biomes;
  2. Detect the timing, location, and predictive factors leading to plant water uptake decline and/or cessation over the diurnal cycle; and,
  3. Measure agricultural water consumptive use over the contiguous United States (CONUS) at spatiotemporal scales applicable to improve drought estimation accuracy.

The ECOSTRESS Science Team program element will seek proposals for membership on the ECOSTRESS Science Team. The focus of these proposals will likely be utilization of ECOSTRESS Level 2 (Surface Temperature and Emissivity), Level 3 (Evapotranspiration), and/or Level 4 (Water Use Efficiency and Evaporative Stress Index) data products for basic and applied research of importance to Earth system science.

This amendment announces that program element A.9, The ECOSTRESS Science Team will not be solicited in ROSES-2017. NASA anticipates that it will be included in ROSES-2018.

Questions concerning this program element may be directed to Woody Turner at