Feb 15, 2018

ROSES-2018 released February 14, 2018

NASA's Science Mission Directorate announces the release of its annual omnibus solicitation for basic and applied research, Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES) 2018 at on or about February 14 2018.

ROSES is an omnibus solicitation, with many individual program elements, each with its own due dates and topics. Tables 2 and 3 of this NRA, at and, respectively, provide proposal due dates and hypertext links to descriptions of the solicited program elements of this solicitation.

Notices of intent to propose and Step-1 Proposals are due mid-March 2018, through January 2019. Full (Step-2) Proposals are due: May 2018 through April 2019.

To learn of the addition of new program elements and all amendments to this NRA, proposers may:

(1) Subscribe to the SMD mailing lists (by logging in at and checking the appropriate boxes under "Account Management" and "Email Subscriptions"), and

(2) will be able to subscribe to a ROSES-2018 due date Google calendar. Instructions are at (link from the words due date calendar).

Frequently asked questions about ROSES-2018 will be posted at Further information about specific program elements may be obtained, after the release of ROSES-2018, from the individual Program Officers listed in the Summary of Key Information for each program element in the Appendices of ROSES-2018 and at

Questions concerning general ROSES-2018 policies and procedures may be directed to Max Bernstein, Lead for Research, Science Mission Directorate, at