Feb 15, 2018

Amendment 1: Final text for B.10, the Early Career Investigator Program in Heliophysics.

The Early Career Investigator Program (ECIP) in Heliophysics is designed to support outstanding scientific research and career development of scientists and engineers at the early stage of their professional careers. The program aims to encourage innovative research initiatives and cultivate diverse scientific leadership in Heliophysics. A draft version of this Early Career Investigator Program in Heliophysics, was released for community comment in ROSES-2017. This call represents a pilot program to examine the feasibility of creating an incentive program for top-performing early career heliophysicists. In response to the comments on the ROSES-2017 draft text of this program element, a FAQ will be posted on the NSPIRES page for this program element under "Other Documents". To understand the changes between the draft and the final solicitations, review this document.

Step-1 proposals are due March 20, 2018, and (invited) Step-2 proposals are due June 14, 2018.

Questions regarding this program element may be directed to Elizabeth MacDonald at