Series C Workshops (Remote, Virtual)

Series C Workshop(s) Purpose

NASA is studying best practices and capabilities for future architecture and computational requirements to meet its Open-Source Science policies. The Data and Computing Architecture Study will solicit input from a broad and diverse set of NASA teams, industry partners, Open Science experts, and stakeholders across a spectrum of the science mission, research and data and computing systems community to inform plans for transitioning to a Data and Compute Infrastructure that supports Open-Source Science policies. 

Key Areas of Interest

  • User Needs and Business Needs
  • Best Practices
  • Alternative Architectures
  • Open Science Mission Needs
  • Emerging Issues and Opportunities


Target Workshop Audience

All Series C workshops are open meetings, but of specific interest to researchers, big data teams, and archivists at the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Data Repositories along with missions and community members in relevant topic areas.

Full recordings of past workshops are available.


General Workshop Agenda (90 minutes, remote/virtual)

  • Foundational Presentations: Open-Source Science Initiative, the study, and the organizing questions, highlighting the one of interest for the specific workshop. (5 min)
  • Invited Speaker: Introduction and description of project, program, or topic and how it relates to Open-Source Science. Discussion regarding user needs, business needs, approaches to a Data and Computing Infrastructure (i.e., Architectural insights), and infrastructure lifecycle considerations. (35 min)
  • Discussion with Speaker: A facilitated discussion to clarify speakers’ presentations and focused on organizing questions. (45 min)
  • Close-Out Comments: Summary of key points, next steps in study. (5 min)


Code of Conduct

All Series C workshops are conducted following the Transform to Open Science Code of Conduct.


Point of Contact

If you wish to receive additional information about upcoming Data and Computing Architecture Study Workshops, please register here or contact Hannah Cubberley.

 If you have any questions about Data and Computing Architecture Study, please contact Elena Steponaitis.