Dream Job

“It’s important to remind ourselves that we have the most glorious jobs in the world. We are all paid to figure out how the universe began and how it evolves. We’re paid to try to figure out how the night sky, full of galaxies and stars and planets, came to be. And we’re paid to try to find life elsewhere in the universe. What could be better than that?” 

–Paul Hertz, Director of Astrophysics Division

Don Boroson

System Engineer

Michael Staab

Mission Operations Engineer

Kelli McCoy

Systems Engineer

Katherine Johnson (1918-2020)

Former NASA Research Mathematician

Karen Yuen

Science Data Applications Lead

Robert Farquhar (1932-2015)


Peter Jenniskens

Research Scientist

Hugo Andrés Durantini Luca

Citizen Scientist / Astronomy Student

Warren Kaye

Software Engineer

Venetia Burney (1918-2009)

The Girl Who Named Pluto

Brian Lewis

Systems Engineer

Hunter Waite


Fran Bagenal

Co-Investigator for the New Horizons Mission

Marina Brozovic


Jim McClure

Space Flight Operations Facility Manager

David Kring

Senior Staff Scientist

David Doody

Flight Operations Lead Engineer

Darby Dyar

Professor of Astronomy

Ravi Prakash

Entry, Descent, and Landing Systems Engineer

Heather Ann Bottom

Systems Engineer

James Green

NASA Chief Scientist

Courtney Dressing

Astronomy Professor

Nori Laslo