Jia-Rui Cook

Supervisor of News Events and Projects

Art B. Chmielewski

Project Manager

Suzanne "Suzy" Dodd

Project Manager

Marc Rayman

Mission Manager/Chief Engineer

Michelle Gierach


Rob Manning

Systems Engineer

Heather Ann Bottom

Systems Engineer

Mark Boudreaux

Project Manager

Elizabeth Landau

Senior Storyteller

Keith Gildea

Mechanical Engineer

Elizabeth "Zibi" Turtle

Planetary Scientist

William Patzert

Research Scientist (Retired)

Olya Filimonova

Systems Engineer

Karen Yuen

Science Data Applications Lead

Jesse Hernandez

Logistics Engineer

Margaret Hamilton

Computer Scientist

Kristina Larson

Systems Engineer

Michele Dougherty

Principal Investigator

Serina Diniega


Peter Jenniskens

Research Scientist

Carl Hergenrother

Astronomy Working Group Lead & Strategic and Tactical Scientist

Brent Buffington


Michelle Thaller

Assistant Director of Science for Communications