Planetary Data System

The Planetary Data System (PDS) is an archive of data products from NASA planetary missions, which is sponsored by the NASA Office of Space Science. We actively manage the archive to maximize its usefulness, and it has become a basic resource for scientists around the world. All PDS-produced products are peer-reviewed, well-documented, and easily accessible via a system of online catalogs that are organized by planetary disciplines.

Planetary Data System Search

The PDS data search interface provides a faceted-based search capability allowing users to specify keywords or phrases as search criteria. Results matching the search criteria are of two kinds: 

  • Search tools that focus on a subset of PDS data. If you find a search tool within the results that searches over the data you are interested in, click the link to go to the search form for that focused search tool. This is usually the fastest way to get to the data products you want.
  • PDS Data Sets that match your search terms. These results list entire data sets that may contain the data you are looking for. A single data set may be many megabytes, or even gigabytes in size. If there are no discipline-specific search tools in the results to help you search within the data sets, or if you want to download entire data sets for offline processing, these links may be what you want.