Science Education and Public Outreach Forums

Scientists and educators involved or interested in Science Mission Directorate (SMD) education and public outreach (E/PO) programs are encouraged to collaborate with the Science Education and Public Outreach Forums. Each SMD Science Division has its own Forum: Astrophysics, Earth Science, Heliophysics, and Planetary Science.

The Forums are teams of scientists and educators that work closely with SMD to support and coordinate its E/PO community. The SMD community includes missions, programs, contractors, and grantees funded to conduct E/PO activities using SMD content, expertise, and facilities.  The Forums began their activities in October 2009. Over their five year effort, the Forums will:

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among current and potential SMD-funded E/PO programs and providers
  • Identify a range of opportunities and a variety of strategies for scientists and others to participate in SMD E/PO programs
  • Support community members in enhancing their skills and knowledge as E/PO practitioners
  • Help community members respond to SMD and NASA E/PO requirements
  • Identify and leverage partnerships that enhance and broaden program impact
  • Analyze the portfolio of SMD E/PO products and activities
  • Develop thematic educational approaches that place E/PO activities in the context of SMD science
  • Help SMD place E/PO products and activities into an online one-stop portal 
  • Integrate Division E/PO activities into SMD- and NASA-wide initiatives

Through these coordinated efforts, SMD is working to achieve coherence within its E/PO portfolio and more effective, sustainable, and efficient utilization of SMD science discoveries and learning experiences.

If you are interested becoming involved in SMD E/PO and wish to learn more, please contact the lead of the Forum that most closely aligns with the scientific theme of your research or educational program.  The Forum Leads are:

Space Telescope Science Institute
Point of Contact: Denise Smith
E-Mail: dsmith “at”
Phone Number: (410) 338-4434
University of California, Berkeley
Point of Contact: Laura Peticolas
E-Mail: laura “at”
Phone Number: (510) 643-6295
Earth Science
The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Point of Contact: Theresa Schwerin
E-Mail: theresa_schwerin “at”
Phone Number: (703) 312-0825
Planetary Science
Lunar & Planetary Institute
Point of Contact: Stephanie Shipp
E-Mail: shipp “at”
Phone Number: (281) 486-2109

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