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NASA transformed its organization in the summer of 2004, uniting the former Earth and Space Science Enterprises. The Science Mission Directorate will carry out the scientific exploration of the Earth, Moon, Mars and beyond; chart the best route of discovery; and reap the benefits of Earth and space exploration for society.

As NASA and Science Mission Directorate Education and Outreach strategies develop, this page will archive documents:

Earth Science Education (pdf)  The Earth Science Education Plan characterizes the overriding principles, objectives, and plan for ensuring that the results of Earth science communication efforts are successful.

Earth Science Outreach Plan (pdf) The Earth Science Outreach Plan presents the approach to communicating a unified message that is consistent with Agency and national objectives.

Partners in Education: A Strategy for Integrating Education and Public Outreach into NASA's Space Science Programs" 
In March 1995, the Office of Space Science published its E/PO Strategy, which established the basic policies for integrating education and public outreach throughout all OSS activities.

Implementing the Office of Space Science Education/Public Outreach Strategy
 In October 1996, OSS published its plan for implementation of the above strategy which laid out the actions required to put these policies into practice.

For additional strategy documents, see NASA Science Strategy Documents