Nancy Grace Roman Bio

Roman Fellowship

The Roman Technology Fellowship in Astrophysics program is named after Dr. Nancy Grace Roman.  Dr. Roman is a distinguished American astronomer whose career has ranged from scientific research, to creating the first NASA astronomical program, to working with the teachers and students of today.

Her honors are many, some of which include: NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award, NASA Outstanding Scientific Leadership Award, the American Astronautical Society's William Randolf Lovelace II Award, American Astronomical Society Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow, and the Women in Aerospace's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr Roman is a true inspiration to the students of today. Raised in a time when women were discouraged from pursuing a science career, she not only succeeded in establishing herself in a scientific career, but she has left a legacy for the astronomers of today and tomorrow. Often called the "Mother of Hubble", due to her efforts in making the Hubble Space Telescope a reality, Dr. Roman was instrumental in establishing the new era of space-based astronomical instrumentation.

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