ROSES-2017 Clarifications, corrections and amendments

This will be the location of the list of clarifications, corrections, and amendments for ROSES-2017 after the release of ROSES on February 14, 2017.

Mar 13, 2017
Amendment 4 delays the due date and airborne campaign for Program Element A.23 Fire Impacts on Regional Emissions and Chemistry (FIREChem).
Mar 9, 2017
In A.1 The Earth Science Research Program Overview Section 5.6 Airborne Science has been expanded to clarify the requirements on proposers that utilize commercial aircraft. New text is in bold. The second paragraph now reads:
Mar 9, 2017
In the ROSES Summary of Solicitation, Section III(d) "Cost Sharing or Matching" has been updated to more accurately reflect the requirements in 14 CFR §1274, the POC for CubeSats at the end of Section V(b)v has been updated to Larry Kepko (, and Table 1 has been updated to... Read More
Mar 7, 2017
The Advanced Component Technology (ACT) program seeks proposals for technology development activities leading to new component- and subsystem-level space-based and airborne measurement techniques to be developed in support of the Science Mission Directorate’s Earth Science Division. The ACT program... Read More
Mar 7, 2017
In the Summary Table of Key Information for program element E.3 Exoplanets Research Program, an erroneous reference to section 2.5 was corrected to section 2.4.
Mar 6, 2017
ROSES-17 Amendment 2: Release of OSIRIS REx Participating Scientists Program Draft Text for Community Comment.
Feb 24, 2017
ROSES-17 Amendment 1: Delay of Step-1 and Step-2 due dates for ROSES-17 program element B.4 the Heliophysics Guest Investigator "Open" program.