ROSES-2017 Clarifications, corrections and amendments

Jan 23, 2018
To account for time lost to the government shut down, this amendment delays by one day the due dates for program elements that were due this week.
Jan 17, 2018
Amendment 61 moves program element C.19 the New Frontiers Data Analysis Program to ROSES-2018. The objective of the New Frontiers Data Analysis Program (NFDAP) is to enhance the scientific return from New Frontiers missions by broadening scientific participation in the analysis and interpretation... Read More
Jan 12, 2018
Amendment 60 delays the Proposal Due Date for Program Element C.3 Solar System Workings to February 22, 2018.
Jan 9, 2018
ROSES-2017 Amendment 59. This amendment announces a new opportunity in ROSES-2017: B.11 the Heliophysics Space Weather Operations-to-Research (H-SWO2R) program. This amendment announces the creation of a joint NASA/NOAA opportunity, the Heliophysics Space Weather Operations-to-Research (H-SWO2R)... Read More
Jan 2, 2018
The point of contact for ROSES-2017 B.8 Magnetospheric Multiscale Guest Investigators has been changed to Terry Onsager. The Step-2 proposal due date is unchanged. Step-2 proposals are due January 11, 2018.
Dec 21, 2017
ESTO’s In-Space Validation of Earth Science Technologies (InVEST) program element enables new technologies and measurement concepts to be validated in space prior to use in a science mission.
Sun, Solar System
Dec 20, 2017
ROSES-17 Amendment 57: Release of Juno Participating Scientist Program Element Final Text.
Dec 19, 2017
Amendment 56 moves program element A.8 Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals 14 And 15 in the Context of Climate Variability and Change to ROSES-2018.
Dec 19, 2017
Amendment 55 moves program element A.40, Earth Science Applications: Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience to ROSES-2018.
Dec 18, 2017
ROSES-17 Amendment 54: This amendment moves program element B.9, Heliophysics Grand Challenges Research - Science Centers to ROSES-2018.
Dec 15, 2017
Amendment 53 Changes the text and due dates of the InSight Participating Scientist Program.
Dec 8, 2017
ROSES-17 Amendment 52: Release of Earth Venture Suborbital-3 Program Element A.34 Final Text.
Dec 7, 2017
Amendment 51 releases draft 2018 Text for B.10 the Heliophysics Early Career Investigator Program
Dec 1, 2017
Via ROSES program element D.15 System-Level Segmented Telescope Design, NASA is soliciting industry proposals to carry out one-year end-to-end system-level engineering design and modeling studies and associated testbed demonstrations of large (10-meter class or larger) segmented-aperture telescopes... Read More

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