Nov 28, 2017

Amendment 49: Release of C.25 InSight PSP

Program element C.25 solicits investigations for the InSight Participating Scientist Program (PSP). The objectives of the program are to: a) enhance the scientific return from the InSight mission by broadening participation in the mission, and b) augment the existing InSight science team to include new members conducting investigations that broaden and/or complement the funded InSight Principal Investigator (PI)-led investigations. The goal of the InSight PSP is to maximize the contribution of InSight to the future exploration and scientific understanding of Mars and the other terrestrial-type planets. Because the intention is to enhance and broaden the scientific return and augment the existing science team, investigations submitted by the InSight Principal Investigator, Deputy Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators will not be considered.

Selected Participating Scientists (PSs) will become full members of the InSight science team and will work in a collaborative manner with other InSight science team members after selection. PSs will have the same rights and be required to fulfill many of the same responsibilities as those of current science team Co-Investigators.

This program requires a Notices of Intent (NOI). Proposals that are not preceded by an NOI may be returned without review. No feedback will be provided in response to the NOI. This program will not take Step-1 proposals. Additionally, this program element does not collect a data management plan via the NSPIRES cover pages, as some aspects of data archiving must be included in the body of the proposal and will be evaluated as part of merit (see Section 3.3, Evaluation Criteria). Proposers from non-U.S. institutions should refer to Section 2.4 of this program element. Mandatory NOIs are due January 11, 2018 and proposals are due February 15, 2018.

Questions concerning this program element may be directed to Robert Fogel at