Sep 19, 2017

NSPIRES pages down briefly 9/26 & 9/28

The NSPIRES web page may be down for two hours on the evening of Tuesday September 26th and Friday September 29th from 10pm-midnight (eastern time). A notice will be posted on the web page in advance of these events and during the two hour periods on these two days the NSPIRES web page may simply not appear at all. This notice is important for those who are preparing proposals for:

A.11 Ocean Salinity Science Team due on Wednesday 09/27/2017.

A.33 Science Team for the OCO Missions due on Thursday 09/28/2017

A.36 New (Early Career) Investigator Program in Earth Science due on Thursday 09/28/2017

B.2 Heliophysics Supporting Research due on Thursday 09/28/2017

C.15 Planetary Protection Research due on Thursday 09/28/2017