Nov 7, 2018

Amendment 36: D.7 K2 GO Retired from ROSES

ROSES-18 Amendment 36 removes from ROSES program element D.7 the K2 Guest Observer (GO) Program. 

Earlier this year ROSES program element D.7 K2 GO was solicited "contingent on the spacecraft health and fuel condition". Since the Kepler space telescope has run out of fuel needed for further science operations, this opportunity is being removed from ROSES. For more information see

Although the mission operations of Kepler/K2 have ceased, science using archival data will still be solicited in ROSES-2019, primarily via program element D.2 Astrophysics Data Analysis, but also via program elements E.3 the Exoplanets Research Program and D.4 the Astrophysics Theory Program.

The NASA point of contact for programmatic information is Mario Perez who may be reached at