Dec 20, 2018

Amendment 49: Planetary Early Career Program Draft Text

Amendment 49 releases DRAFT text for the NASA Planetary Science Early Career Award in program element C.21.

The NASA Planetary Science Early Career Awards support the research and professional development of outstanding early-career scientists, and serves to stimulate research careers in areas supported by the Planetary Sciences Division. The support of this program will allow key individuals to play an increasing role in the community — to achieve high-impact science and to help lead the field through development of new concepts, technologies, and methods.

This program consists of a two-tiered nomination and selection process. The first tier is to check a box when a regular ROSES research proposal is submitted. Early-career Principal Investigators, whose proposals are selected via normal review processes, will be invited to enter the second tier of the application. Invitees will be asked to submit an application package to be considered for the NASA Planetary Science Early Career Award. The Planetary Science Division intends to select approximately five (5) Early Career Awards per year.

This amendment releases DRAFT text for NASA Planetary Science Early Career Award program in C.21. Comments on the draft text are due by January 21, 2019. The final version of this program will be part of ROSES-2019. This program will not solicit proposals through ROSES-2018.

Questions concerning this program element may be directed to Shoshana Weider at