Aug 12, 2019

Amendment 26: A.13 SWOT Field Campaigns Not Solicited

Amendment 26 announces that Surface Water and Ocean Topography Calibration and Validation Field Campaigns, program element A.13 of ROSES-19, will not be solicited.

Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) is a satellite mission being jointly developed by NASA and Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, the French space agency, with contributions from the Canadian Space Agency and the United Kingdom Space Agency and is currently scheduled for launch in 2021. Information on the SWOT mission and its capability to fulfill the objectives laid out for it can be found at the SWOT web site (

The SWOT project had always planned to deploy the needed scientists and equipment for the mission calibration and validation (Cal/Val). Early plans identified a requirement for a separate small science team to analyze the Cal/Val data. As plans have matured, the SWOT project has entrained many community scientists in the planning and execution of Cal/Val campaigns. In addition, all members of new science team to be selected in response to program element A.12 of ROSES 2019 may involve themselves in analysis of the Cal/Val data. Therefore, there is no longer need for separate Cal/Val call in ROSES, so program element A.13 will not be solicited.

The points of contact for this program element are Eric Lindstrom who may be reached at and Nadya Vinogradova-Shiffer who may be reached at