Oct 3, 2019

Amendment 39: B.13 Outer Heliosphere Guest Investigators program due date delay and data eligibility correction.

This Amendment clarifies what mission data is eligible for program element B.13 Outer Heliosphere Guest Investigators (OH-GI) and delays the Step-1 proposal due date to October 24.

The Outer Heliosphere Guest Investigators (OH-GI) program, solicits proposals that focus on analysis of data from Voyager, the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), and other space assets that generate data enabling the study of the outer heliosphere. This program is intended to maximize the scientific return from these mature missions by providing support for research beyond presently funded investigations. It may also act to inform future exploration and investigation opportunities of interstellar space. Funded investigators (PIs and Co-Is) of this solicitation will be considered Guest Investigators of Voyager and/or IBEX for the duration of the award and will be invited to attend and present progress at Voyager and IBEX team meetings.

As the intention of this program element is enable studies of the outer heliosphere, the bullet in Section 2.2 has been corrected to indicate that eligible mission data is not limited to the list in Section 1.1, but may include any data "that would enable the study of the outer heliosphere".

Step-1 proposals are now due October 24, 2019. 10-page Step-2 proposals are still due by December 3, 2019.

Questions concerning this program element may be directed to Arik Posner at