ROSES-2022 Amendments, Clarifications, and Corrections

ROSES-2022 Amendments, Clarifications, and Corrections

Welcome to SARA's Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES)-2022 Blog, a way to keep track of changes to ROSES-2022. To effectively search this page for changes to ROSES relevant to a certain division or keyword you click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and search on "ROSES" and the key word or name of the division (e.g., "ROSES Astrophysics" or "ROSES Flight").

All Science, Universe, Solar System, Sun, Space Biology, Physical Sciences, Citizen Science
Oct 13, 2022
The Citizen Science Seed Funding Program (F.9 CSSFP) aims to support scientists and other experts to develop citizen science projects and to expand the pool of scientists who use citizen science techniques in their science investigations. Four Divisions of the SMD are participating in the CSSFP:... Read More
All Science, Solar System, Sun, Earth, Citizen Science
Aug 19, 2022
An NSPIRES bug prevented submission of Notices if Intent (NOIs) and Step-1 proposals to certain programs including this one from 8/13/-8/18. Accordingly, NOI and Step-1 proposal due dates for four ROSES program elements have been delayed by six days. NOIs for A.19 Airborne and Satellite... Read More
Sun, Citizen Science
Jun 29, 2022
B.21 Heliophysics Citizen Science Investigations (H-CSI) seeks to strategically promote the use of citizen science, crowdsourcing, and the data they generate in concert with the NASA Heliophysics System Observatory data, during the upcoming Heliophysics Big Year, encouraging proposers to take... Read More

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