MMS IDS Team Announcement

From the desk of Dr. Barbara Giles

I would like to make you aware that the MMS IDS (Magnetospheric MultiScale Interdisciplinary Science) team selections have been announced.

The selected teams are:

  • Dr. Martin Goldman of the University of Colorado, "Simulations of Magnetic Reconnections"
  • Dr. Melvyn Goldstein of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, "Mission Oriented Theory and Support for MMS".
  • Dr. Tai-Duc Phan of the University of California at Berkeley, "Coupled Observational-Theoretical Studies of Reconnection".

Each team will be awarded $3.325M over a ten-year period to conduct independent science investigations addressing the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission objectives. The objectives of the MMS mission are to understand the microphysics of magnetic reconnection by determining the kinetic processes occurring in the electron diffusion region that are responsible for collisionless magnetic reconnection, especially how reconnection is initiated. This selection will provide a major science extension for the MMS mission and for magnetic reconnection science in general.

Please join me in congratulating these teams and to assist them toward becoming an integral part of the MMS mission science team.

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