Open-Source Science for Data Processing and Archives Workshop

NASA’s Open-Source Science for Data Processing and Archives Workshop was held virtually on October 14, 2021. This workshop was a follow up to our previous 2018 archives meeting, originally hosted at Glenn Research Center.

Open science is a foundational objective of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD). Open science is an evolving paradigm that seeks to foster greater inclusivity, diversity, and participation in the scientific process while increasing transparency and reproducibility. In December of 2019, SMD released the Strategy for Data Management and Computing for Groundbreaking Science 2019-2024, which was partially based on the feedback from the 2018 data archives meeting. This strategy aims to enable transformational open science through continuous evolution of science data and computing systems for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. We want to take this opportunity to update the community on the progress of that Strategy as well to engage with you on the next steps of the implementation of the strategy. 

The objective of this meeting is provide a forum for our science data providers, stewards, and partners to find out more details about the Open-Source Science Initiative (OSSI),  ask questions about the number of initiatives that are currently underway related to Open Science, and participate in forum-style breakout sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to engage with SMD and the community on further developing these initiatives. Initiatives include projects involving machine learning and artificial intelligence, discoverability of SMD data and publications, and new policies to support open science.  In addition, we will also introduce Transform to Open Science (TOPS), our initiative to help jump start the adoption of open science across our communities.

Learn more about NASA’s Open-Source Science Initiative (OSSI).


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Workshop Presentation and Video

Murphy et al., "NASA: SMD Open Source Science Data Processing and Archives Workshop", 2021 




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