Workshop Agenda


This meeting provides a forum for NASA’s science data providers, stewards, and partners to find out more details about the Open-Source Science Initiative (OSSI). The meeting will facilitate the opportunity for the OSSI leads to brief the community with the latest update on NASA science data and compute; answer questions about the number of initiatives that are currently underway related to Open Science, and participate in forum-style breakout sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to engage with SMD and the community on further developing these initiatives. OSS initiatives include projects involving machine learning and artificial intelligence, discoverability of SMD data and publications, and new policies to support open science.  In addition, we will also introduce Transform to Open Science (TOPS), our initiative to help jump start the adoption of open science across our communities.  For further details, please see the workshop website.

Proposed Date

October 14, 2021, 12:00pm - 3:00pm ET 

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Proposed Schedule

Time (ET)

Agenda Item



Introduction/Set up

Yvonne Ivey



Thomas Zurbuchen


Open-Source Science Initiative (OSSI) 

Kevin Murphy


SPD-41: Science Information Policy 

Steve Crawford


Questions and Answers/Break

Admin will monitor the chat


OSSI Highlights

  • Data Catalog
  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  • Prizes and Challenges
  • Citizen Science
  • Astrophysics Data Systems
  • Openscapes


Kaylin Bugbee
Manil Maskey
Katie Baynes
Marc Kuchner
Alberto Accomazzi
Julia Lowndes and Erin Robinson



10 Minutes Break


Transform to OPen Science (TOPS)

Chelle Gentemann


Breakouts by OSSI Highlight Area 

Christian Reyes


Wrap Up and Next Steps

Steve Crawford


Closing Remarks 

Kevin Murphy

Breakout Rooms

There will be two breakout sessions during the workshop. Attendees will have the opportunity during the breakout sessions, attendees may select their room of choice for each session. Sessions will be 20 minutes. The moderator will give a 5 minute and then 1 minute warning to summon the group back to the main room. Topic Areas include: 

Session 1

  • Open Source Science Initiative: General
  • Transform to Open Science: Training 
  • Policy
  • AI/ML
  • SMD Data Catalog


Session 2

  • Inclusion and Open Source Science Initiative
  • Transform to Open Science: Analysis ready data for the cloud
  • Transform to Open Science: Platforms


In breakout rooms, attendees are encouraged to spark open discussion involving the room’s selected topic. subject matter experts in the field, as well as facilitators will be present to acknowledge any questions, or requests involved in the open conversation. This is YOUR chance to make heard YOUR questions, comments, or concerns amongst your peers. 


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