Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Networks (ROSES D.12)

We are seeking virtual panelists and external reviewers for Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Networks. Signing up does not commit you to serve, nor is NASA obligated to ask/invite you. If you are a funded team member on proposal to a given panel, then you will not be able to serve on that review panel. You may be able to serve on another panel or provide on-line reviews

Here are the rules:

All items with an asterisk* require a response before submission.
Type in 1) your contact information and 2) things that may be conflict of interest and/or clarify your expertise
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In the overall comments box note any additional information about 1) your expertise that could be useful for review assignments, and 2) potential conflicts of interest that you may have beyond your listed institutional employer/affiliation. Thank you!