Submit an Abstract

Deadline: Monday, January 7, 5:00 PM CST

Information about contributed concepts should be provided via electronic submission of an abstract to the email address below.  Each submission should consist of two parts: (1) a one-page “quad chart” summarizing the concept in a compact form and (2) an extension providing information about the submitter and an elaboration of the concept.  The quad chart should conform to this

.   The extension should contain all text, tabular, and graphic material describing the concept and may not exceed three (3) pages in 12 point type.  The total abstract submission is thus limited to four (4) pages.  For convenience, the quad chart may be submitted in a separate file from the three page extension.  Submitters are encouraged to identify each page in their submission with their name in a footer.

The three page extension must include at the top the following information:

  1. Concept title or name;
  2. Identification of principal author/point of contact  with institution, contact information, and a brief qualification statement;
  3. Abbreviated concept summary; and
  4. Primary concept goal category (human spaceflight, space technology, heliophysics, astrophysics, or planetary science).

This header information should be followed by a narrative statement of the goal of the proposed application; the benefits of the application; and a top-level description of its design, operation, and results. 

Abstracts should be submitted via email in PDF (or PowerPoint or MS-Word, if necessary).  The email should contain “SALSO RFI” in the subject line and attached file names should contain “SALSO RFI” and the name of the lead author/point of contact. 

ABSTRACTS DUE BY:  Monday, January 7, 5:00 PM CST