Mar 14, 2017
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Team Mission

Our goal is to create a collaborative community where NASA scientists and members of the public work together to solve science problems. Scientists who have data intensive problems come to CosmoQuest, and we create online spaces where people can volunteer their time to helping these scientists by completing tasks ranging from mapping features on planets like Mercury or Mars, to identifying what’s captured in astronaut photos of Earth. CosmoQuest is working to create a collaboration space where the public not only contribute to research science, but have the opportunity to be educated and mentored while they do it.

We have built a community of people who participate in doing science, who can explain why what they do matters, and what questions they are helping to answer. We invite all of you to be a part of what we’re doing. There are lots of ways to get involved: You can contribute to science, take a class, join a conversation, or just help us spread the word by sharing about us on social media sites. CosmoQuest is a place to do, to learn, and to collaborate. Where would you like to explore today?

What does your team hope to achieve?

CosmoQuest is a virtual research center that supports the public, as well as teachers and their students in learning and doing science. Inspiring people to join NASA’s journey of exploration is central to all of our activities, and we inspire people through materials designed to meaningfully educate. Our objectives are straight-forward and work to advance national education goals:

  1. Inspire members of the public – including students and teachers – to engage in citizen science through online seminars designed to communicate NASA’s latest scientific results.
  2. Engage people in doing NASA-related citizen science by putting them in direct contact with the scientists who are gaining new knowledge about our universe.
  3. Enable STEM education by providing teachers with classroom materials to engage students using citizen science, and by providing them new strategies for engaging their students in authentic research using NASA data or addressing current NASA research questions.
  4. Support employment in astronomy by recruiting graduate student and PhD researchers to utilize the data generated by citizen scientists – free data ready for mining – and by providing experts the training they need to effectively communicate and collaborate with the public and educators through online tools.


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At CosmoQuest the experience is multidimensional.  Everyone is learning, sharing, and researching - together.  Here you can ponder the universe with a group of like-minded people, who want to think more, do more, and understand more about our place in space and time. - Dr. Jennifer Grier