NAC Science Subcommittees

Any subcommittees, task forces or other groups formed under the NAC Science Committee provide findings and recommendations through the NAC Science Committee and NAC. If approved by the NAC, this advice is delivered to NASA.

The Science Committee includes one subcommittee, the Planetary Protection Subcommittee, with the purpose of reviewing NASA's approach to preventing contamination of other bodies in the Solar System and of the Earth from these bodies. The Subcommittee Chair is a member of the Science Committee.

The Science Committee also includes one task force, the Ad-Hoc Big Data Task Force, with the purpose of providing advice on all NASA big data programs, projects, missions and activities. The Task Force Chair is not a member of the Science Committee, but provides a report at every Science Committee meeting. The Science Committee formerly had four other subcommittees, which now are stand-alone Science Advisory Committees.